The Performance
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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At least eight unconventional objects or aircraft were involved in a performance before seven witnesses, including the Sightings television camera crew. UFO-D1 began the event at 8:41 pm at Sunset, or Hor-em-Akhet (ancient Egyptian for Horus-on-the-Horizon), the time when that which is from above meets that which is from or on the Earth (i.e. the horizon, the doorway to the Duat). It was also the time revered by the ancient Egyptians when Sirius A, the Dog Star (symbol of Isis), entered the Duat, and began her 72 day journey into the underworld (below the horizon) in search of the dead Osiris (Temple, 1987). Sunset is the opposite of Sunrise. Sunrise mythologically represents a New Beginning, when the Sun (Horus) emerges from the underworld as Isis gives birth to Horus, who was fathered by the dead Osiris (symbolized by Anubis, the Dog-headed god: Temple, 1987). Therefore, Sunset represents the death of Osiris, who became the guardian of the dead. The orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A, according to Temple (1987) represents Anubis, the guardian of the underworld and protector of Isis (= Sirius A). Just as the beginning of a cycle was called Zep Tepi (First-Time) by the ancient Egyptians, the end of a cycle can be symbolized by the Omega loop, which was performed by UFO5. The symbol for Sirius, a giant 'S'-shaped maneuver of a plasma light in the night sky, was performed a number of times for Cornet's camera. And on one occasion, after the light made the 'S'-shaped maneuver, it actually climbed in altitude, moved southward towards the brightest visible star in the night sky at the time (in the region of the night sky where Sirius usually rises), and symbolically tagged it just before fading out (Figure 21).

(Figure 21)

This is not the only time one of these enigmatic craft has performed the Omega symbol by its movements. The Snaking Manta (../Vol_2/Plate_02.html) also made a large Omega-shaped loop around Cornet on 29 September 1995, 29 months after The Performance. (../Vol_2/Plate_05.html).

Now back to The Performance on 29 April 1993. The pilot of UFO-D1 produced a light tail at the beginning of the time exposure, and a light tendril or spiral funnel-shaped vortex at the end of the time exposure, indicating that this was no conventional aircraft. Very little about UFO1 through UFO4 can be said, other than that they were involved in the convergence, or congregation of lights before our cameras. UFO7 may have been a conventional airplane on its way to Stewart, since it showed up 27 minutes after the performance was over. UFO8 remained on the ground behind us until after 10:11 pm, the last picture that Cornet took that evening. If it had attempted to leave while we were still there, it probably would have been detected. The lights across the field to the east of the observation station also remained lit until after the performance was over, and then went out. Their location above the ground, but below the tops of the trees, implies that it was also part of the performance; it was probably a UFO hovering above the ground and functioning as an observation platform in front of the human observers, similar to UFO8 behind us. UFO5 and UFO6 were involved in the main part of the performance. UFO5 may have been observed and photographed by Cornet and Crystall the night before, while UFO6 put on the most spectacular performance of the evening, coming the closest to the cameras and turning on the most lights.

UFO5 may have been the rumored Black Manta, described and illustrated by Steve Douglass on his Intercepts Files website , but the performance on both the 28th and 29th of April leaves little doubt that this craft has antigravitic capability and can create plasma lights instead of using lamps. The sound it produced may be from human-engineered turbofan engines, but its right angle maneuvers, and capability of making its plasma lights spiral and moved off to one side of the craft in a precision dance (probably through pilot manipulation of a strong electromagnetic field around the craft), indicate technology well beyond anything you'll find parked in plain sight on an accessible airport tarmac.

UFO6, which I named the Manta Ray (long before I ever heard the name Black Manta), was the largest flying object observed at twilight on 29 April. It was definitely not an ultralight, nor a blimp, nor the misidentification of a C5 military transport aircraft. Its slow speed, well below stall speed for all conventional aircraft dependent on aerodynamic lift from wings; its use of plasma lights capable of ionizing the atmosphere around the lights; the number and distribution of lights, particularly on its belly; its unusual diamond shape and large size; and the unusual sounds it made indicate an aircraft which no one, not even the Interceptor, Steve Douglass, has described belonging to the U.S. military or any other foreign government, let alone speculated about.

Both UFO5 and UFO6 combined features that indicate they were designed to fly in an atmosphere. Plasma lights do not work in space unless a gas is provided for ionization. Their deltoid-shaped leading edges and flight characteristics indicate that they were designed to resemble conventional aircraft, at least at first glance and from a distance. Their banking maneuvers, and use of red and green running lights and strobes, further indicate a hybrid design. The fact that most of the time they flew like conventional aircraft may indicate that they had human pilots who were more familiar with such maneuvers than someone who came from space, where aerodynamic flight is irrelevant. The overall gestalt of these aircraft and their flight characteristics imply hybrid reverse-engineered design, but the use of telepathy to coordinate flight or light movement with camera function implies more than normal human activity. Therefore, I suggest that The Performance was a joint operation between some branch of the U.S. military and a non-human ally, where technology provided by or reverse engineered from alien space craft has been incorporated into the most advanced and newest secret aircraft the U.S. military owns.

So why the performance, if these were Above Top Secret aircraft? The nature of the performances and what was revealed about the technological capabilities of these aircraft indicate that this was not the brainchild of some under-acknowledged General who had become disgruntled or bored sitting on such a stunning technological achievement as these aircraft represent, and wanted to show them off under the disguise of a UFO cover - the equivalent of a technological exhibitionist at a Star Trek convention or a flasher on a nudist beach. More than likely it was a well planned and staged release of information in a controlled environment, an experiment to see how information such as this would be interpreted and handled by scientists, the media, and the public. I believe that it was part of a government/military black ops program to gradually release information and educate the public about contact and alliance with non-human civilizations. If it had not been for the lack of media intelligence in understanding, let alone wanting to understand, what happened that night; if it had not been for the media goal of entertainment and ratings at the expense of the truth; if it had not been for the Sightings' program editor who left most of the best information lying on the cutting room floor; if it had not been for Ellen Crystall, who wanted to covet and restrict this information from being released before her book sequel came out (we are still waiting Ellen); and if it had not been for my financial situation, which until recently, thanks to falling prices, allowed me to acquire the necessary computer equipment and software to analyze the data and to get onto the internet, the complete story about The Performance would have been in the public domain years ago.

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