The Performance
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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Choreographed Tails

Cornet ended the time exposure of UFO6 at 8:59:10 pm (6d in Figure 9), and turned his camera to the new lights (UFO5). He began a 12 second time exposure of the jet-like object with red and green running lights and white strobes at 8:59:21 pm (5e on Figure 9). Next he zoomed all the way out and took a 10 second exposure of all four objects (photo # 11) at 8:59:36 pm. This time exposure (#11) is part of the composite images in Figure 9, and is presented separately in Figure 11 on the comparative analysis of "tails" and their different angles of inclination. If the tails had been caused by camera jerk, they would all be inclined at the same angle. But they are not, each being at a different angle, indicating that they were manufactured at the source as if choreographed for the show. In the video frame shown in Figure 10, taken about 30 seconds earlier, the lights of objects 4f and 5f had not yet converged and passed one another, while in Figure 11 4f is to the right of 5f, indicating that these objects were traveling at a much faster speed than objects 2f and 6f to the lower left, which hardly moved at all during that time interval. This is especially true of UFO6 (6f), which had not moved much higher above the tree line, indicating that it was either at a greater distance from the camera than the other objects, or that its method of flight was other than aerodynamic lift from wings.

( Figure 9)

(Figure 10)

(Figure 11)

"I saw something last night that wasn't a plane."

UFO5 continued its fast pace towards the northwest, and then began banking towards the south over the field in front of us, making an Omega-shaped U-turn back towards the east (Figure 12). Crystall says, "Now look at it carefully. Does it look like a plane? 'Cause I can't see it in the viewer." Pascarella replies, "There's no light on the bottom." Crystall says, "See, there's no light underneath." Pascarella says, "Plane." Crystall says, "It's a plane. All right. 'Cause I saw something last night that wasn't a plane. It was a triangle." Pascarella replies, "Really?" Crystall continues, "And it had some extra stuff on the front and the back." Pascarella asks, "Did it make noise like that?" Crystall says, "Ah....I can't remember. Now look at this thing," focusing her attention on the pair of bright golden lights (6f in Figure 9) just above the trees, which began to move towards us. Pascarella says, "This is a weird one." Crystall asks, "Bruce, did that thing that I, we saw last night make noise?" Cornet responds, "Yes, like that." Play Wav 13a to hear an edited (shortened) version of this conversation with the sound of UFO5 in the background.


(Figure 12)

The sighting of a triangular craft to which Crystall refers is illustrated in Figure 13a. On the previous night at sunset Crystall and Cornet were stationed at the same location on West Searsville Rd. At 8:44 pm Cornet spotted a bright set of lights approaching from the west, and began a series of time exposures. Crystall soon after began to videotape the event. The lights approached slowly, passing directly over them at an altitude which appeared to be well below 1,000 feet, the FAA minimum altitude for conventional and commercial aircraft (the only exception is for aircraft taking off and landing). As Crystall looked up she saw a triangular-shaped craft. Crystall said that she saw some extra stuff on the front and the back of a solid triangular shape, but the stealth black color of the object made it difficult to see details. This extra stuff sticking out was not the tail and nose sections of a conventional jetliner, but more like booms and pipes. Crystall remarked on camera as it passed overhead, "I think this is a military something or other. Whoah, it's loud! Wait a minute, that body is solid. That body is solid. Where the hell is it (she lost it in her viewfinder after taking a look at it overhead). Did you see the body on that." Cornet replied, "No." He then looked up from his camera and saw the triangular outline of the craft as it moved away. Crystall continued, "It was solid. That was a solid body, it was a solid triangle body with extra things in the front and back." Cornet could not confirm the details, because he did not get as good a look at it overhead. Play Wav 13b to hear the sound it made above us. And yet this FT had been silent until it was almost directly over us, and again became silent soon after it passed beyond us going southeast. It then banked sharply to the east and appeared to descend rapidly behind the tree line across the field in front of us, a maneuver not consistent with an approach to Stewart airport 8.9 miles away, which is to the southeast of the direction it disappeared (Figure 13b). If this was an attempt at landing, it did not land at any airport. And if the pilot was making an approach to Stewart from a different direction, he would not have descended below 1,000 feet so prematurely, which would have put the FT low over populated areas and small towns. Another curious anomaly occurred after the FT passed over us. The pilot changed the night lights by turning on two additional belly strobes, a red one and a white one (Figure 13b). And he turned off the bright central pair of headlights. Why, unless this was part of the show?


( Figure 13a)

(Figure 13b)

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