The Performance
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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Enter the Twilight Zone

At 8:49:02 pm Cornet begins a second time exposure (57 seconds) of two golden-colored lights to the northeast just above the tree line (Figure-9). The light to the left (1a), which was more golden in color, moved southwards towards Stewart airport, while the second more whitish light (2a) rose slowly to the south. Their slow movement could be explained if they were distant aircraft on landing approaches. But the light to the right blinked out at 8:49:57 pm, which was unexpected. The first light to the left (1b) made a sharp turn towards the camera and began to rise at about 8:54:37 pm. This too was unexpected and unusual for aircraft on approach to Stewart airport on the distant side of the valley. Then a third light (3b) blinked on at about 8:54:30 pm to the north of Stewart at a much higher altitude than the previous two lights, and rose or climbed at a 30 degree angle - again unusual because there was no other air traffic evident over Stewart that a pilot would be trying to avoid by climbing to a higher altitude. The 68 second time exposure of this light (# 6) shows it to gradually dim to near extinction, while the first light (2b) closer to the ground blinked out with no subsequent indication of strobes. There were no lights visible at 8:56 pm, which was highly unusual if the three lights which had just been observed belonged to conventional aircraft heading to Stewart.


Then at about 8:57:00 pm the third light blinked on again (3c), and Cornet began a 39 second time exposure (# 7) of it still climbing at a 30 degree angle towards the south (Figure 9) - again highly unusual. Next we noticed a pair of bright golden lights on top of the tree line at about 75 degrees compass, which came on suddenly. Cornet took a quick shot of them (# 8), and then began a 44 second time exposure beginning at 8:58:26 pm. This pair of golden lights rose ever so slowly, indicating that it was either a distant aircraft approaching the camera with its landing lights on, or it was something else capable of hovering and moving at speeds considerably less than the stall speed of a fixed-wing aircraft (exception: the Harrier jump jet or large helicopter). As Cornet was taking this time exposure, someone spotted a new set of lights coming from the southeast. Crystall and Pascarella commented that it was probably a conventional jetliner taking off from Stewart airport.

"Looks like a congregation"

Seventeen minutes had passed from the first sighting at 8:41 pm. Five different flying objects had been spotted to the east. The first three disappeared from view by turning out their lights (in violation of FAA regulation 91.209), while the second two were moving towards the west in our direction. The sixth or last object to appear (labelled #5 in this report) had lights which resembled that of a conventional aircraft. As it began to climb slowly above the tree line and approached our position, there was little expectation that this was anything more than a jet taking off from Stewart to the southeast. At about 8:59 pm the lights of two previous UFOs blinked on again to the left and above the two objects near the tree line. As all four lights began to converge (Figure 10), Pascarella and Crystall commented (Wav 10). Pascarella: "Jeeze, looks like a congregation, whatever they are." Crystall: "Yah, what the hell? What is goin' on here?" Pascarella: "I've never seen this before." Crystall: "I got all four in the video."



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