The Performance
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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Description of Events

Just before sunset Crystall, Pascarella, Cornet, and the Sightings camera crew arrived at the dog-leg bend in West Searsville Rd., and began setting up their camera equipment on a recently-cut lawn between two houses. Sightings' Director John Jopson wanted to do a shoot of Crystall, Pascarella, and Cornet observing the night sky and pretending to take pictures of anomalous lights (Figure 5). What we didn't realize is that whoever is behind the lights obliged by putting on a spectacular performance, which rivals that recorded at other UFO hotspots around the country. During this performance we observed and recorded at least eight unconventional craft (FTs and other angular-shaped craft), some of which performed unconventional maneuvers in the night sky, such as right angle turns (Figure 6). Images taken by Sightings appeared on the Fox channel on 21 May 1993, a program that featured segments about various UFO hotspots in the United States. Pine Bush was one of them. Unfortunately, most of what the camera crew recorded was not shown on this segment, or it was portrayed out of context with what really happened. The most spectacular event of the night, a close fly-by of a large angular manta-ray-shaped craft with batteries of plasma lights on its belly, was shown in a special effects presentation rising above some trees (Figure 7). The video images were not shown as a craft flying in front of us sideways over an open field, but as a simulated event representing the sighting of Butch Hunt, the Pine Bush barber. For that reason, a detailed description of the events that unfolded is given below.

(Figure 5)

(Figure 6)

(Figure 7)

Spiralling Lights

No sooner had Cornet set up his camera and tripod, did he notice a white light rising to the northeast above the trees across the field in front of him. He pointed his camera and began a 32 second time exposure, starting at 8:41:28 pm (Figure 8). Distant lights of conventional aircraft taking off from Stewart airport 8.9 miles away can resemble such lights, but they usually move much faster. The light changed color from white to golden, and then faded out and disappeared. Only when he got the film developed and saw the picture did he realize that this was not a conventional plane, because the light created what he calls a "tendril" on the photograph. A "tendril" is a downwards spiralling light movement, much like a funnel or vortex in shape which spirals down in the direction of object movement. He had come to recognize this type of light movement as the trademark of unconventional objects in the area. At no time had he ever photographed a similar type of light signature produced by what he knew was a conventional jet or plane. He had purposely gone to airports and photographed planes landing and taking off in order to rule out the possibility of camera vibration being responsible for this anomaly. Also present was a characteristic "tail" at the beginning of the light trace, which indicated to him that this was definitely not an airplane taking off from Stewart. And because of the brightness of the light, which is unusual for an aircraft light photographed from 8.9 miles away, it appears to be in front of the tree branches. Unlike most other photographs of unknowns he had taken, this performance occurred at sunset when it was still light enough out to see the surroundings. The opening shot across the figurative bow of "The Performance" had been taken.

(Figure 8)

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