The Performance
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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    Record of Events

Time: EST Pm Picture Number ID info. Direction Compass
(+) = recorded time represents time of shutter opening or closing, and not the time for beginning or ending of light trace
on negative.
8:41:28 - 8:42:00
to NE
Moving NW, rising
above trees; tail.
8:45 Sightings camera crew shoots Cornet and Crystal in last daylight as they look NE.
8:49:02 - 8:49:59
New roll film
to NE
UFO1 gold; UFO w-gold;
UFO1 very low to trees,
UFO2 rises very slowly,
blinks off at 8:49:57.
quick shots 2-4 64
8:53:57 - 8:54:14(+) 5 Turboprop? to NE 67
8:54:37 - 8:55:45 6 UFO1 + UFO3 to NE 69 UFO1 moves W,
turns S (dims out);
UFO3 makes tail, dims,
then blinks off.
8:57:03 - 8:57:42(+)
(zoom in)
7 UFO3 to NE 71 UFO3 blinks on again.
inner 2w, outer 2w.
quick shot 8 UFO6 to NE 2w, cntr w st, cntr r.
8:58:26 - 8:59:10
(zoom out)
9 UFO6 to NE 2w, cntr w st, cntr r,
rises very slowly, on top
of trees.
8:59:21 - 8:59:33 10 UFO5 to E cntr 2w, r-g, 2w str,
UFO5 rises to NW
tail, jumps backwards.
8:59:36 - 8:59:46
(zoom way out)
11 UFO2, UFO4, UFO5, UFO6 2 move NW, 2 move S;
all lights produce tails
oriented to N, but not at
same angle.
8:59:49 - 9:00:19(+)
(zoom back in)
12 UFO5 tail-loop backwards;
UFO5 turns gently to
W while rising.
9:00:19(+)-9:00:27(+) 13 UFO5 to E right angle turns,
jet-like sound, like
previous night;
close up, above us.
9:00:31 - 9:01:02 14 UFO6 to NE flares right outer w;
UFO6 rises slowly to
NW to our NE.
9:01:05 - 9:01:41
9:01:43 - 9:02:12
9:02:28(+)- 9:02:38
to ENE
to ENE
to NNE
right w still flaring.
right light dims to norm.
lights rise to NW;
outer lights spread apart
due to change in yaw,
and in unison jump up,
down and back.
9:02:42(+)-9:02:53(+) 18 UFO6 to NNE first sound; continues to
rise to NW.
9:02:56(+)-9:03:16(+) 19 UFO6 to NNE faint whine; banks sharply
to S; begins to climb as
it banks.
9:03:19(+)-9:03:21(+) 20 UFO6 to ENE turbine-like sound; right
angle turn down; suddenly
drops about 30 feet in altitude.
9:03:-- 21 UFO6 to E high pitched whine; above
us, moving S; maintains
bank orientation and flies
vertical to ground, turns on
successive banks of lights
on its belly.
9:03:-- 22 UFO6 to E harmonic whine; above us,
moving S; begins to
descend in vertical position,
forming arc.
9:03:-- 23 UFO6 to ESE high pitch whine;
moving away to S; continues
to descend at 25 degree
angle sideways.
9:04:00 24 UFO6 to ESE moving away to S; begins
to turn SE while holding
bank orientation, turns off
banks of lights underneath
craft, then returns to level
flight orientation again, and
continues moving E slowly
before disappearing behind
trees across field.
9:03:00 - 9:04:00 N/A magnetic anomaly recorded
(5-10 gammas) as UFO6
passed sensor (UFO6 about
1,000 feet away).
9:31 N/P UFO7 to N (5) cntr w, rear r; silent, low,
no strobes; travelled S,
turned E before reaching
us, then turned s past tree
line to our E as if to avoid
us or area of previous
performances, then turned
lights out as it moved S
past us.
9:36:07 - 9:36:25 25
end roll film
Helicopter to E 97 loud chopper sound
9:38:07 - 9:38:50 new roll film
Helicopter to SE disappeared at 9:38:30.
9:40:20 - 9:40:41 2 Helicopter to SW spotted near ridge,
near Orange Co. airport.
10:09:37 - 3 Jetliner
to W over ridge to our W,
UFO8 parked on hillside
below jetliner.
10:09:49 - 4 Jetliner to SW turned E towards Stewart.
10:10:03 - 5 Jetliner to SE 138 disappeared below trees
on approach to Stewart
10:10:17 - 6 Turboprop?
10:10:39 - 10:11:02 7
10:11:03 - 8 quick shot


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