AOP Activity
within Orange County, New York
Dr. Bruce Cornet


Tampa, Florida [AOP] convention held May 19 - 21, 1995. Dr. Cornet was the Special Guest Speaker.
Photo by Steven Vincent Johnson

Dr. Bruce Cornet
27 Tower Hill Ave.
Red Bank, NJ 07701
(908) 747-9244


Special Note from the Web Editor

This report is a special presentation on Dr. Cornet's photographic evidence of AOP activity within Orange County, New York, USA. Dr. Cornet was the Special Speaker at the Tampa, Florida AOP Metaphysical Convention held May 19th - 21, 1995. Dr. Cornet presented a well attended lecture on Lunar anomalies Saturday evening.

Dr. Cornet claims the evidence is in the format of multiple time exposures. Many of these time exposures have been reassembled into panoramic mosaics in order to show unusual flight characteristics and difficult to explain (in prosaic terms) light signatures. Of particular interest are photographs of light signatures that spiral and/or create double helix patterns when time exposures are made.

A total of 22 color and black and white plates were scanned from color laser reproductions supplied by Dr. Cornet. Scanning software used was Macintosh OFOTO TM, monitor gamma set to 2.3 (in most cases), scanning resolution used was 300 dpi, print DPI used was 100 to 300. On June 9, 1996 all graphics had been replaced with new and improved images with the aid of Corel Photo Paint 6.0.

It is Dr. Cornet's wish that the evidence presented here should be made available to the public domain. None of Dr. Cornet's data at this web site can be altered in any way. Please note that all graphic charts and photographs have had the name of Dr. Bruce Cornet as well as the old web site's address, physically embedded to prevent plagiarism and piracy. It is illegal to remove these identification tags.

-Steven Vincent Johnson
October 31, 1996

Ben Field
BUFOD Web Manager & Editor

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