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WELCOME to B.U.F.O.D. Space, Above and Beyond, this is a web site that contains information mainly about UFOs and related subjects. UFOs are still a mystery to many people and only the people who witness such an event can really believe what is out there. This web site will help you understand the UFO phenomenon and provide evidence to help the truth be known

The Performance, UFO history ******** UFOs - Index II ********
If its information you want about UFOs click on the UFO index II link. Find out more about UFOs The Roswell event, Area 51, Alien Abduction and other UFO events. This site also includes links to other sites related to UFOs and an index of this whole site for quick access.
The Performance, UFO history

BUFOD UFO Store - DVDs, Books, Fun and Games
Why not buy your UFO related DVDs, books, fun and games from our online UFO store which is dedicated to UFOlogy and related topics, Sci-fi etc. In association with

UFO sighting report form (
Click on the sighting report form link and you will be presented with a form which can be filled in if you have experienced any UFO activity, This is confidential. It is important that UFOs are reported and not kept quite, other wise we will never find the truth.

Reported UFO sightings (
Click here to view the UFO sightings which have already been reported. UFOs are everywhere, just look at the evidence

SETI@HOME BUFOD Group (Join our team in search for ET)

UFO Picture Cartoons
Click here to view some cartoons which I have designed that show related activities to do with UFOs e.g. Cover-ups, conspiracies etc.

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